How one colleague's failure to do the right thing became the benchmark for the four who followed—and the damage they left in their wake.

The 6th Man had a look on his face that was devoid of empathy. It didn’t matter to this guy that his friends were the people I took to lunch on my last day (and bought for us all, no less). It meant nothing to him that I was honest when I didn’t have to be. What on Earth possessed this person to be so hell-bent on destruction?

When I finished the story there was mostly silence, and moments later he was gone–without a notion of “nice to meet you.” I turned to the colleague to my right (who sat just a couple of cubes down from me) and said, “Jeez, I hope this isn’t going to be a problem.” And in the most magnificent manner imaginable, he waved it off while saying, “Ahhhhh, don’t worry about it–everybody’s got something in their past!”

If only The Top 2 of The Fraudulent 5 had felt the same way.


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