How one colleague's failure to do the right thing became the benchmark for the four who followed—and the damage they left in their wake.

Every day I drive downtown to set up my protest station, I pass by the scene of the crime at the Gateway Village cafeteria on 5th street. For a fleeting moment I glance through the glass to remember what could have been.

I wonder how The 6th Man feels about being the catalyst for so much destruction–now that his friend is on a sidewalk sign right out front of Starbucks. All of this could have been avoided had these people shown me even a modicum of common decency, and to this day their pride prevents them from finding even the slightest remorse over what they put me through. Their refusal to recognize the obvious reminds me of one of my all-time favorite lines spoken by the great Al Pacino in The Insider:

And now, even now, when every word of what Wigand has said on our show is printed, the entire deposition of his testimony in a court of law in the State of Mississippi, the cat—TOTALLY out of the bag, you’re still standing here—debating!

But they are not alone, for their actions are in line with how we have devolved as a society in our capacity for communication and intellectual honesty. That’s a huge topic and outside the scope of this site, but I would like to point out that our conveniences are slowly eroding our ability to think things through. While telecommuting is a wonderful feature of today’s world, communication skills have suffered from such isolation. Tapping away on smart phones in meetings (and even presentations) has become accepted behavior—never mind the time-honored tradition of showing courtesy to those who have the floor. Instead of becoming more efficient with our exceptional tools, too many people are now more distracted, distant, and shortsighted–all of which is connected to what happened to me.

As a person who works from home right now, and has done so on and off for years, I’m certainly not advocating that we return to the way things used to be. But we need to realize that something very wrong is going on here, and it goes much deeper than Bank of America and 5 guys on a sign.


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